Puerto Vallarta: What to Do

While we were staying at The Royal Suites Punta de Mita by Palladium, the hotel staff organized some really fun activities for us, both on and off-site.

If you read my last post, Puerto Vallarta: Where to Stay, then you already know about the fun activities that we enjoyed on site, but now I’ll share some of the highlights that they organized for us in and around town.

Whale Watching

The first day we woke up early for breakfast (yummy!), and then it was on to a whale watching tour. Being the big fan of Planet Earth that I am, I was pumped. The tour experience turned out to be everything that I hoped for and more.

Image courtesy of WhaleWatchVallarta.com

Image courtesy of WhaleWatchVallarta.com

We got really lucky, and were able to see a mother humpback whale and her baby! I’ve never been so close to such a large animal, and it was so amazing. Then our tour guide dropped a microphone into the water, so that we could listen to the whale songs, and it was so beautiful.

If you have a chance to whale watch, definitely take it! They’re incredibly majestic, and so much bigger than I imagined.

Langosta Feliz

After hanging on the beach our second day, we decided to go out exploring in town for lunch. We hopped into a taxi and asked the driver to take us to his favorite restaurant. This turned out to be one of the best decisions of the entire trip.

Located a little bit outside of town, Langosta Feliz requires a drive to reach, but it’s SO worth it. I’m not even the biggest fan of seafood, but everything here was delicious. If you have a chance to go, get a little bit of everything to try, but whatever you do, don’t miss the lobster. It. Was. Incredible.

Marieta Islands Hidden Beach

Image: Source Unknown

Image: Source Unknown

Unfortunately we didn’t have a chance to make it here, but the prospect of going makes me want to book a flight back to PV immediately. If you make it to PV and are hoping to go here, be sure to reserve as far in advance as you can. They only allow a very limited number of visitors into the beach each day (I believe 150), and it’s first come first serve, and weather dependent.

So, kind of the luck of the draw, but if you’re the winner it makes entering worthwhile, right? ;)


Our last day, we decided to visit the boho haven of Salulita. Our concierge from the Royal Suites organized a driver for us, and then we drove about 20 minutes to get there. Pretty much as soon as we hit the town, I started falling in love.

There are these colorful fiesta flags (not sure what they are actually called, so we’ll go with this) hanging between the buildings on most of the streets. They remind me of tibetan prayer flags a little, and they hang them so close together that they almost create a colorful awning over the streets.

The surf was up, so there were lots of cute surfer boys walking around (MUCH to my friend Annie’s delight, so pointed them out every two seconds lol), and there’s also great shopping and yummy food everywhere.

Evoke the Spirit

All of the shops in Sayulita were adorable, but my favorite by far was Evoke the Spirit. I didn’t realize it for the first few minutes that I was there, but I had followed the shop on Instagram for at least a year.

Once I saw the embellished cattle skulls on the wall, I realized that I had inadvertently stumbled into one of the stores that I had dreamed of visiting for a long time. I bought this really awesome Eye of God, and I can’t wait to hang it up in my house.

Holding my new Eye of God

Holding my new Eye of God

It was so hard to leave, because about halfway through my walking around and shopping experience, I realized that I just wanted to stay and live in Sayulita/Evoke the Spirit land forever. But alas, I had to go.



Puerto Vallarta: Where to Stay

I recently embarked on a girls trip, with my friend Annie, to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. It was a first visit for both of us, and we had such a blast!

LA had been chilly and rainy for several weeks, so this trip couldn’t have come at a better time. We packed our bags, and dipped out.

Getting there was easy. The flight was only 3 hours, and there was no line at customs, so before we knew it, we were en route to the resort life.

After a quick margarita stop (when in Mexico!) we went straight to our hotel.

The Royal Suites Punta de Mita by Palladium.

The Royal Suites are situated on their own private beach, with a beautiful tide pool on one side. Our room was nice-sized, with a jacuzzi bathtub and shower, and our own private balcony. We settled in, and felt right at home.

We spent our first PV sunset on their beachside deck, enjoying one of the experiences you can organize through the hotel: a tequila tasting! After learning (again lol) that I prefer tequila to mescal, we tasted and danced, laughed, and tasted some more.

Fun Times!

During our stay, the hotel staff organized some other really fun activities for us. The first day we went whale watching, followed by a sushi-making class with one of the master sushi chefs from the resorts’ Japanese restaurant, Bambu

The next day, we hung on the beach and did a little SUPboarding. We were going to take a catamaran ride, but there wasn’t enough wind, so we just had lunch instead.

After lunch it was spa time, and I had an awesome massage. My masseuse was wonderful, but my favorite part of the spa was probably the sauna. I sat in there and meditated for about an hour, and when I came out, I was a sweaty mess, but all felt right in the world again.

Before the day was over, we got to enjoy a private sunset yoga class on the beach. Even though the movement of the sand can make practicing more difficult, being able to time my breathing to the rhythm of the ocean waves makes any beach yoga challenges worth overcoming.

The Food Though

One of the make or break aspects of any resort vacation, for me, is the food. We were lucky enough to experience 4 of the restaurants at The Royal Suites Punta de Mita by Palladium, and none of them disappointed.

We started each day with a breakfast by the beach, and whether I ordered a la carte or hit the buffet, everything was super yummy (especially the french toast!)

For lunch, we enjoyed Bambu. I generally judge any Japanese restaurant by their spicy tuna rolls (my favorite). As simple as the roll is, it’s surprisingly easy to mess it up. Once I ate my first bite, I knew I was in for a treat. 

Image courtesy of Palladium Hotel Group

Image courtesy of Palladium Hotel Group

We had dinner at Viva Mexico the first night, and their table side guacamole was to die for. I ordered a margarita, and the small size was about the size of my head and very delicious. Not too sour and not too sweet.

Image courtesy of Palladium Hotel Group

Image courtesy of Palladium Hotel Group

The last night we had dinner in Restaurant Portofino. I usually try to stick to Mexican food when I’m in Mexico, but I’m always a sucker for Italian Food. My pesto pasta was perfect, but the real highlight of the dinner was the flaming coffee.

I don’t want to ruin the surprise, and tell you exactly what flaming coffee is, but what I will say is that even if you’re not a coffee drinker, it’s worth ordering for the show. ;)

Image courtesy of Palladium Hotel Group

Image courtesy of Palladium Hotel Group

I think that at the end of any resort stay, the only important question is this: Would you stay here again?

My answer? Totally!

Vegan Banh Mi

I am not a vegan but that does not much I don't enjoy eating vegan. This recipe from our Contributor, Giana Ciaramello (feel free to check her out at the links below).

But this particular sandwich is heart, healthy, and tasty. It reminds of a vegan Banh Mi. GIve it a try to let us know what you think.

  • Pickled purple cabbage
  • Pickled rainbow carrots
  • Pickled radishes
  • Cucumber
  • Campbellsport mushroom
  • Cilantro
  • Jalapeño
  • Vegan mayo
  • Mirach
  • Dill
  • Garlic
  • All piled onto a French baguette

The recipe is simple. Collect the items and pile them on top. Use as much as you'd like of every ingredient. This sandwich is all about your enjoyment. Then, well, eat it!  :)


For more from Gianna:

IG: gianna_ciaramello



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