Maui InstaYogi Meetup

Next it was on to Maui, one of the few Hawaiian islands that I haven’t had a chance to visit yet. So you can imagine that I was pretty excited. The trip started out on an awesome note and only got better.

As soon as I arrived, the weather was perfect and I got lots of time on the beach to read my book and listen to music. While I was on Maui I hosted a spontaneous Instagram yoga meet-up with some old and new InstaYogi buddies.

The lovely ladies who showed up were: Val (@valerieenelson), Jen (@jen_hillis), Mariesa (@kushmaster), Jesse (@jessegolden). And a special thank you to Monty (@fivetwophotos) for snapping all of these shots.

These are some of my favorite shots from our beach yoga playtime:

I love the power of yoga and social media to bring people together. While Mariesa lives on Maui, no one else in this photo does. Everyone in this photo met through Instagram.
The funniest part is that even though Instagram brought Jen and I together on Maui, once we met, we figured out that we live in the same city and even practice at the same yoga studios, but somehow had never met until now. How cool is that?!?
From bottom to top: Val, Jen, Mariesa, Jesse, me.
One of the things that I love about yoga is the creativity that is acted out through the shapes that we make with our bodies.
It was so fun putting our heads together to come up with all of this different interesting poses and shapes.
Fitness is way more fun when you get together with friends and keep it interesting.
From front to back: Jesse, me, Mariesa. All outfits by Alo Yoga.
Downward dog stack with little Val holding up all of us!
Val is the sweetest girl, I’m really happy that she showed up. It takes courage to be a teenager and show up to hang out with a bunch of women who are older than you, who you’ve never met before. Yeah girl!
From left to right: Val, Mariesa, Jen, me, Jesse
Ok so you guys, maybe we should stack our backbends…
Gotta love friends that have no clue what you’re actually talking about, but are still down to give it a try.
From bottom to top: me, Mariesa, Jesse. All outfits by Alo Yoga.
So it turns out that headstands in the sand are way harder!
We laughed so hard trying to coordinate and get into this one, then all stay up at the same time.
I guess the laughing probably didn’t do much to help our balance, actually it was probably the opposite, but it certainly made taking this photo a lot more fun!
From left to right: Val, Jen, Mariesa, me, Jesse.
Three mermaids on a perfect beach. YES. Speaking of YES, can we talk about Mariesa’s awesome hair moment happening here? YES!
From left to right: Jesse, me, Mariesa. All outfits by Alo Yoga.
Friends that yoga together stay together.
We shot this pose in our Alo outfits, and I love this shot, but it was so awesome that we decided it would be better in bikinis.
Everything is better in bikinis, right?
From left to right: Jesse, me, Mariesa. All outfits by Alo Yoga.
I had seen this pose somewhere on Instagram, and I had wanted to give it a try, but hadn’t yet found any willing participants.
I love that Jesse and Mariesa were game to indulge my crazy partner pose idea.
From left to right; Jesse, me, Mariesa.
The ultimate bikini backbend stack, and another out of this world hair moment for Mariesa.
From bottom to top: me, Jesse, Mariesa
I’m really grateful for the chance to make new friends and catch up with old friends.
Mariesa and I met almost a year ago thorough Instagram in Arizona, and then we hung out at Burning Man last year. I always run into her in the most random places.
I knew of Jesse, but I never had the chance to actually meet her until this meet up. She’s as nice a she is beautiful.
From left to right: Jesse, me, Mariesa. All outfits by Alo Yoga.

I had some fear around this meetup. What if I posted about it and no one showed up? Then I might be embarrassed. This fear almost stopped me from hosting this meetup, but in the end, as is almost always the case with rising above fears, I was glad that I overcame it and hosted this meetup. I got to meet some awesome ladies and make fun new friends.

Never pass up a chance to overcome fear and experience something new. It’ll either be an awesome experience or a helpful lesson, but either way you’ll be the better for it.

Hotel: Grand Wailea Maui

Clothing: Jesse, Mariesa, and my yoga clothing (minus the bikinis) is all by Alo Yoga.