A lot of you followed my #ChooseMyThailand trip on Instagram, but just in case you missed anything along the way, here is a recap of some of the highlights of my trip…in photos, of course. =) I was invited by the Tourism Authority of Thailand to participate in this awesome trip to see and share some the amazing sites and destinations that Thailand has to offer. Of course I said YES. The way the trip would work is that every night (night in Thailand = morning in USA) I would make a post to my @gypsetgoddess Instagram page before bed, offering my followers the chance to vote on and decide which activities I would participate in the following day.

I found out about this trip pretty last minute, so I just threw a ton of random clothes into my suitcase and hoped that I could find outfits that worked. I had been packing and unpacking so much before this trip that, even though I was excited to go back to Thailand, you could say I wasn’t really jazzed about packing another suitcase. It ended up looking like Rainbow Bright had packed it for me.


Once we arrived in Bangkok, I was pretty exhausted from all the flights over. Luckily, we went straight to our hotel and had some downtime before all of the #ChooseMyThailand madness would officially kick off. I didn’t know quite what to expect, but once I saw the schedule of activities, I knew I wouldn’t have much downtime the rest of the trip. Bangkok was a whirlwind of history, temples, and tuk-tuks.


By the time we hit Chiang Mai, I was ready to slow down a bit from the frenetic vibe of city life in Bangkok. I love Chiang Mai. It’s got that country retreat feel to it, a perfect escape from Bangkok, but is still a large enough city that there’s always something going on.


I was most excited for this leg of the trip, because while I had visited Bangkok and Chiang Mai before, I had never made it south to be stunning beaches of Koh Samui. We spent most of our time at Absolute Sanctuary eating well, practicing yoga, swimming, getting massages, and enjoying some much needed downtime after being on a super tight schedule for almost 2 weeks. #bliss


Bangkok: The Peninsula Bangkok
Chiang Mai: Dhara Dhevi
Koh Samui: Absolute Sanctuary

International: Thai Airways
Thailand Domestic: Bangkok Air

Tourism Authority of Thailand