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A few of my favorites:


We're all 10s.


I don't post many selfies, but every once in a while, why not? Because it's scary! LOL

It's actually pretty hard for me to post a selfie. When it comes to yoga photos, I'm filled with confidence. When it comes to non-yoga photos, I'm often scared.

In the process of choosing this photo, I took 14 others. That's kind of embarrassing to admit, but it's true. I'm curious, how many photos does it take you all to catch a decent selfie?

I'm so-so on how I look in this photo, but after the 14th try, something occurred to me: The lens doesn't lie, this is how I look today, for better or worse...and that's okay. In fact, it's great!

Whether I think I look like a 10 or not, I feel like a 10 and that's what counts. Feeling like my selfie isn't good enough is one more way of telling myself that I'm not good enough...which is a big lie. We are all good enough, whether we like the way we look in a photo or not.

Life is like that too. whatever happens on the outside, be a 10 on the inside. Feeling like a failure? Still a 10. Lost your car keys? Still a 10. Mean social media comment? Doesn't matter because you know you're a 10. Whatever happens, and whatever anyone says to you, know that I think you're a 10 and so should you, because you are.

I took the 15th photo, one more try, and I realized I didn't even look like myself anymore. It looked inauthentic and like I was trying too hard. So, what you see here is the first photo I took, the one that started the whole "I'm not good enough" train of thought in the first place.

After reading this, I dare you to be you. Take 1 photo of yourself, no second or 15th takes, just 1. Then post it, for better or worse. In being vulnerable and rising above the fear of looking good to others, there exist true freedom and bliss that are hard to come by.

People will say whatever they want, you can't control it, so why worry about it? There may be positivity, there may be negativity, but there is one constant: you're a 10, no matter what. ❤