Are you a Gypset Goddess? Take the quiz and find out!

1) On a normal Saturday you are most likely to...

a. Hit your local yoga class before grabbing a green juice.
b. Already be off on a weekend getaway snapping photos of your view.
c. Grab your best friends to explore a new area for brunch and a cool view. 

2) When traveling, your suitcase contains...

a. Mostly yoga pants, tee shirts, and one dress in case you end up going to a nice dinner.
b. Caftans with matching bikinis for the beach, a down jacket that coordinates with your ski pants for skiing, jeans and dresses for everyday wear but always your favorite sleeping mask and skin-saving beauty essentials. 
c. Yoga sets for your workouts, jeans and blouses for exploring, sneakers, booties, heels, your favorite jackets, face masks for that drying flight, your security blanket, and anything else you may need for an adventure!

3) An ideal night out is...

a. Dinner at your local vegan restaurant, followed by a kombucha beer while sitting around a fire pit
b. Dinner at the new Indian restaurant followed by a night of salsa dancing with tequila cocktails
c. A short, scenic drive while car singing to a restaurant that has healthy twist of your Italian comfort foods to pair with your favorite imported red wine 

4) Your dream beach vacation is... 

a. Los Angeles: a plethora of yoga studios, acro yoga on the beach, vegan options everywhere and, let's face it, hot Cali surfers.
b. The Bahamas: drink a pineapple cocktail while getting some color, discovering local shops, and swimming with wild pigs
c. Phuket: lay on the magical beaches while enjoying a vodka filled fresh coconut, take a sobering walk to make it in time to share some serious gratitude at a local temple

5) If you're running to Whole Foods, you're most likely wearing...

a. Yoga pants, a tank, and a comfy pair of shoes
b. Jeans for that department store in NYC, your blouse that goes with everything, and the comfy, weather appropriate shoes you bought at the local boutique in an Italian city
c. Alo moto leggings, a cotton button down blouse, and the booties you bought in Peru 

6) Choose a movie:

a. Chocolat
b. Up In The Air or The Trip
c. Eat Pray Love

If you answered...

Mostly A's: You are definitely a boho gypsy. Congrats, because you probably have a solid yoga practice with a deep knowledge of all it means to have a zen sense of self. You're so centered, you could make Buddha jealous! You're not quite a full on Gypsetter but that's an easy fix. Grab your camera, figure out the self timer, and drive till you hit somewhere beautiful but new! Feel free to bust out your asana or just discover the local flavor. 

Mostly B's: Hey there, globetrotter! Do you come here often? Of course not, because you still have 100 more countries on your bucket list! Congrats! We can't imagine the things you've seen and the adventures you've had. You'll have to slow down a bit if you want to be a full fledged Gypset Goddess. Next time you're on your trip, look up a yoga class, carve out five minutes to meditate in front of that gorgeous view, or find yourself an unconventional spiritual journey. It's essential to have a journey that doesn't require a guide book. 

Mostly C's: I don't want to say we're soulmates but there is some serious bestie potential between us. Congrats on being a Gypset Goddess! You're balanced and centered with a wanderlust that never dies. Hop on a flight, flow on top of a mountain, and be grateful for every second. Who knows? Maybe I'll see you there! 

No matter what you answered, we hope your journey takes you all the places you want to go!