An Unexpected Adventure

Shortly after New Years, I took a trip to Hawaii to spend some time relaxing, practicing yoga, and meditating on my goals for the year ahead. To enhance this self-reflective time, some friends and I decided to take a boat trip to a remote beach to camp out for a few days. We hired a boat to come pick us up in a few days time, and let ourselves be taken into the rhythms of nature, the sun and the stars.

We had a wonderful time, but after a few days in a tent we were all feeling ready to return to the main island. But as we waited for the boat, and the agreed upon time came and went, some fear slowly started to creep into my consciousness. I waited 3 more days for a boat/jet ski/kayak/anything to take me out...but it never came.

See this look of resignation on my face? That's the face of a girl who's been stranded for 3 days longer than planned, and who's just accepted that to get out, she is about to hike one of the most beautiful, but also gnarliest and dangerous, hikes in the entire world: The Kalalau Trail.

It's 11-12 miles through the jungle, mountains, coastline, and some seriously narrow passes to cross with hundreds of feet to drop (Google Crawlers Ledge to see what I mean).

I've been to this island probably 10 times and never hiked the Kalalau trail...very much on purpose. I did not want any part of that. However, the island (and the universe) had other plans for me. This time, I wasn't allowed to avoid the hike.

The trail was truly beautiful, but just as difficult as anticipated. I put one foot in front of the other, huffed, puffed, went to a lot of dark places in my mind, and may have gone a little manic and sang and skipped up steep mountain sides, when I though I might die...but the point is...I MADE IT AND I WOULDNT CHANGE MY EXPERIENCE FOR ANYTHING IN THE WORLD.

When finally made it back, I had the chance to do some awesome Acro Yoga on the beautiful beaches of Hawaii. Stay tuned for more updates!

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