Yoga Pose Of The Week

Standing Bow at the Mayan ruins in Tulum, Mexico.  Outfit details at end of post.

This week’s yoga pose of the week is: Standing Bow pose. The secrets to success with this yoga pose are a strong foundation and a balance of force. Create a strong foundation by continuously keeping your standing leg engaged right from the start. Create balance of force by focusing on reaching forward and kicking back with equal and opposing force.

Here is a step-by-step guide to safely and successfully practice this yoga pose.

1. Start standing in mounting pose with your feet together and your arms by your sides.

2. Inhale your left arm, bend your right knee, and reach your right hand back to catch the INSIDE of your foot or ankle.

3. Squeeze your knees together for a second and feel your inner thighs engage. Keep this sensation in your standing leg throughout the entire pose. Without a strong foundation, your pose will crumble.

4. Find your stability. Distribute your weight equally throughout all 4 corners of your standing foot.

5. Begin to pivot your body as you reach your left arm forward and kick your right foot back with equal and opposing force.
*If you start to fall forward, kick harder. If you start to fall backward, reach further.

6. Gazing out past your fingertips, focus on one spot.

7. Keep your chin by your left shoulder and allow your right shoulder to fall into line behind your shoulder.

8. Keep kicking and reaching until you find your limit. If you fall, get right back into it and try again.

9. Once you find your limit, stay there and breathe. You can hold this pose anywhere from 10-30 seconds.

10. With control, slowly come out of the pose just the same way that you went into it.

*Don’t forget to practice both sides!

Your Standing Bow may or may not look like mine, and it’s okay either way. In fact, it’s perfect. Be happy with wherever you are in your practice today, and don’t waste any time or energy comparing your pose or practice to anyone else’s. There’s always tomorrow to try again, and every time you try, you will improve. Be patient and let your yoga practice progress naturally at its own speed.

Good luck!

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