Oh My Goddess... Leggings

I’m in love. With the Alo Goddess Leggings. They are part leg warmer, part legging, all connected in one amazing pair of leggings. I have to admit, I’m a fan of the name too. =)

They come in so many different colors and they are all super cute.

The top portion is a nylon/spandex mix that moves well, but also really holds everything in and up in a flattering way. The bottom “legwarmer” section is a performance rib knit, which actually breathes really well.

When I wear these I they remind me of my teenage years as a rhythmic gymnast. They got me feeling nostalgic enough to try stretching over splits, which I haven’t tried in at least 5 years, and I surprised myself. I was able to get closer to the floor than I expected.

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