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Alexa Ibarra has been a friend and yogi for quite some time. After connecting on Instagram, Team Gypset fell in love with her pretty quickly. We were really excited to interview her because this yoga teacher has a lot more then pretty outfits and poses in her arsenal. 

Q: Where are you currently based and what's your occupation?

A: New York. I am a yoga teacher as well as a stylist. 

Q: When did you get into yoga?

A: I got into yoga my senior year of college after eating way too much while studying abroad in Spain. It provided a workout that I actually enjoyed and was so easy to integrate into my lifestyle. 

Q: What was special for you about yoga?

A: It was something that was consistent in my life. I discovered it at a transitional time but I could always go back to my mat. It's that is always going to be there for you. 

Q: What is your fitness regimen outside of yoga?

A: I don't really have one. I try to run 3 miles a day but that's very seasonal because I don't like the gym. As it gets cold, I run less. 

Q: What's your food motto?

A: Eat what you want but beware that food does effect the way your body feels. So, if burgers make you bloated know it isn't working for your particular body. 

Q: Something you feel people shouldn't feel guilty over?

A: People shouldn't feel bad for wanting alone time. You need to balance and restore yourself. It's just allowing yourself sanity. 

Q: What song motivates you?

A: "How Deep is Your Love" Calvin Harris & "Stimulated" Tyga. The beats and vibes get me ready to go! But choosing two is so hard because I am so in love with music. 

Q: Your favorite brand to sweat in?

A: I love Lululemon, Beach Riot, Alo, and these Blue Life leggings. 

Q: What are you proudest of in life?

A: I feel like there is so much to come but I am proud of my self motivation. I really try to choose what is right for me and that shows in my personal life and work ethic. I take every opportunity to grow and go never be stagnant. 

Q: Best words of advice for others?

A: Be who you and say how you feel because those who matter don't mind and those who matter don't mind. 


IG: @aribarra

Website: http://www.alexaibarra.com/

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